Work Place Injury

If an injury sustained at work is significantly impacting your life, you deserve the chance to seek compensation and not subject to unfair treatment by doctors and insurance companies.

If you have suffered an injury at work, you may be entitled to claim Workers Compensation from your employer. You may also be entitled to bring a Common Law Claim against your employer and/or a third party - an aspect of the law sometimes overlooked by less experienced solicitors.

A workplace injury includes any injuries sustained at work during any work travel or while on a work break. The injury can be physical or psychological and occurred as a direct result of your employment.
The New South Wales Workers Compensation Act 1987 provides you with rights to:

  • Have your medical expenses paid for
  • Receive benefits while you are losing wages (for a period of 12 months)
  • A lump sum payment when permanent impairment is suffered – the extent of the impairment needs to be assessed in accordance with WorkCover Guidelines
  • Compensation if the primary income earner in your household has died or become severely injured due to a Workplace accident

The Workers Compensation legislation is quite complex and time limits apply for making a claim. It is important for clients to seek assistance with a Workers Compensation claim as soon as possible after their injury.

In the Illawarra, workers should also be aware of their rights with regards to Industrial Deafness and Dust Diseases which are common injures in the region.

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